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Following time as guitarist in Arcadian and Marco Polo, then frontman in electro duo Coeur, Danny Davis emerges with his first solo material - released by LIE Records on all online platforms on 1st July 2019.

Drawing on inspiration from Ryan Adam's take on 1989 by Taylor Swift, Danny has created a sound layered with hooks, reverb and haunting backing vocals. From the four tracks from the EP, lead track Mona stands out as a haunting anti-ballad for everyone as it evokes an individual response thinking about our own Mona.

The overall writing style and sound has remnants of mid 80s indie rock, bands like Echo & the Bunnymen and Orange Juice but with a fresh contemporary twist. Much like emerging artists, all of his debut EP was recorded by Danny acting as vocalist, bassist, guitarist, bassist, producer and technician in his own garage - an example of the DIY approach that can be achieved with the latest technological tools at a musician's fingertips.

When asked what inspired his songwriting, Danny stated that 'just the need to write music. Since I played guitar, I have always had the drive to create songs. Even when I am not playing, I feel the need to create things in some capacity. To date, I have also written three screenplays, as well as remixes for other bands and around six or seven albums worth of my own material. I tend to write in phases and spurts. My first major band were in existence in 2007 and drew parallels with Bloc Party, following that I became emerged in electro bands like Depeche Mode and Simple Minds and the fruit of my labour was the two albums released by Coeur. After those albums, I seem to have said everything I needed to using that electro sound and things have evolved into this sound that is captured on the new EP'.

The EP was released through Independent Glasgow based record company, LIE Records, with a possibility of them releasing a second EP in early November to coincide with live dates throughout October & November 2019.

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