Dead Fish Handshake

Sounds likeA Perfect Circle, Stone Sour, NIN
LocationEast Rutherford

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Dead Fish Handshake is a rock band hailing from New Jersey and Rhode Island. Formed in 2011 by New England veteran vocalist, Matthew Paul and NJ-natives, Rob Ferreira, Darren Furman and Mark Birkelbach, DFH has released two EP's and a series of singles while touring regionally, sharing the stage with national acts, Queensryche, 3 Doors Down and more along the way.

The year 2013 saw them win the WDHA-FM Clash for Cash and hit the road for a 5 week tour in support of their EP, THE SIXES, produced by Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowery. In 2015, DFH again scored a highly coveted opening slot on the 3 day NJ festival, Food Truck and Rock Carnival sharing the stage with the likes of Slash, Stone Temple Pilots & Godsmack.

Now, Dead Fish Handshake has returned from the studio with the first taste of new music since 2014.

Set for release in the fall of 2017, their new single, "Devolution" is the first taste of what the band has been up to creatively since their last release.

About the sound:
The vocals wear a rough edge (Matthew Paul), which is both showcased and balanced by creative and catchy melodies. Guitar turns (Rob Ferreira) strike with an atmospheric feel that’s high energy instead of ambient, a rare quality that’s previously emerged in bands like Nine Inch Nails and U2. They’re rounded out by the partnership of clean, consistent bass work (Darren Furman) and driving, steady drum lines (Mark Birkelbach). These ingredients have positioned them dead center of the rock radio dial.

Dead Fish Handshake’s unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll sound is a result of their no bells-and-whistles approach.

In a time where the industry is a far cry from what it used to be and listeners seek out a new flavor each week, Dead Fish Handshake is locked in and set on taking their listeners for a memorable audio experience with lasting power.

They have all hands on deck in making the most of every opportunity and grateful for every step of the way.

"...great riffs and near perfect arrangements with hooks that you won’t be able to get out of your heads" – The Aquarian.

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Date Friday 20 October 2017 at 00:00
Address St. George Theatre, Hyatt Street, Staten Island, NY, United States, 10301
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