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Distant Blue was formed in early 2016 by the drummer Peter Wronko and singer/guitarist Ed Binding while in their last year of school. Throughout 2017, Peter and Ed started to become better friends with Joe Cliff (Bassist) and by August 2017, while jamming at Joes house at 6am after a party, Ed asked Joe to join Distant Blue. After playing as a 3 piece for a couple of months, Kieran Hodnett (Rhythm Guitarist) joined in October 2017 to complete the line-up we know of today. The band got their name off a friend, at the time not knowing it was an Architects song ‘The Distant Blue’ the lads already agreed on the name. The Nottingham group has a very varied music taste and are influenced by a lot of different genres of music, Ed’s into artists like Matt Corby and The 1975, Peter is into groups like Bring Me The Horizon and Neck Deep, Kieran likes his grunge and punk bands such as Green Day and Nirvana and Joes into Don Broco.

In 2017, their bedroom demos were released on soundcloud on a mixtape named ‘Holywater’ which was produced in their mates bedroom. Later on that year, their Debut single ‘Amber Leaf’ was released in November which gathered a lot of attention from people and really showed off their sound. As soon as ‘Amber Leaf’ was released, Peter, Ed, Joe and Kieran began to work on different songs and started to experiment with sound. A couple months later, the single ‘Whirlpool’ was released on the day of their first headline show. ‘Whirlpool’ really grabbed the attention of the people with its fast beat and an unexpected heavy breakdown.

The band played their first headline show at Rough Trade in Nottingham on the 15th June which sold out! The show was much bigger than the anticipated which just showed what Distant Blue are not only capable of missing the bin, smashing the bottle and almost not being able to play but also capable of packing out a venue. Not long after their first headline show, they got announced for another headline show on 22nd September 2018 at one of their favourite venues in Nottingham, The bodega.

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Date Saturday 22 September 2018 at 18:00
Address The Bodega Nottingham, Pelham Street, Nottingham, UK, NG1 2ED
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