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Doomcrow were formed in 2015 as the first originals band in their county for many years.
Members have individual influences from various genres including Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock.
Their sound has developed it's own unique style over the last two years, and they are currently recording their debut album which will join their other releases on Spotify and leading platforms in early 2018.
Having built a dedicated local fan base, the band are an impressive live spectacle.
It is not unusual to see additional musicians from other bands joining them on stage at gigs as they enjoy good relationships with many Welsh bands.

Doomcrow are known for their strong lyrics and story telling approach to song writing, the band strive to not repeat themselves in a formula and as a result listening to their material is often like a really great compilation with constant rhythm and tonal variations, but maintaining a strong riff driven root to the sounds.

The band are actively planning to visit the important areas of the UK on tour in 2018, and have an eye on festival dates in particular.
The members vary in ages from 23 to 45 and whilst traditionally that may not have been commercially attractive to labels, the various influences and styles are what make the collective sound so mature and polished.

Fans of bands such as Mastodon, Foo Fighters or even Metallica will all find something about the band they enjoy. Whilst careful not to copy other bands, there is no escaping the occasional influence in the style of songs from such bands. Doomcrow's latest releases such as "Sunrise" have even had a slightly southern bluesy flavour reminiscent of bands such as clutch and classic acts like Creedance Clear Water Revival.

Doomcrow are not currently signed to a recording label, and continue to produce their own material independently, preferring to give their music to fans free through the popular streaming platforms.
As individuals, the band are extremely friendly and do not seem to have a bone of ego. Their crowd interactions are part of their appeal as they follow the example of classic rock acts in their attitude that the audience are the priority and deserve the best of the band both at venues and in social media or personal interactions.

Current line up: Colin Spicer (Guitars), Alex Bailey (Vocals), Will Taylor (Bassist), Kieran Coleman (Drums).

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Date Saturday 16 December 2017 at 20:00
Address Crowleys Rock Bar, Cradock Street, Swansea, United Kingdom, SA1 3EN

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