Sounds likeUlrika Spacek, Slint, Women, Viet Cong, Drahla & Mogwai
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne

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Dose are an experimental noise-rock band based in Newcastle, who were last month at Suburban Home Studio recording their debut single ‘Furniture’ with MJ from Hookworms. Written and recorded by Sean Turland and Ewan Barr, the full band includes bassist Matthew Collerton, guitar/synth/samples from Sam Campbell and drummer Joe Donkin. The group have been together under many iterations since 2015, discovering their unique sound which blends art rock, shoegaze and slowcore into one coherent sonic landscape.

Their cinematic amalgamation of discordant melodies, intricate guitars and a strong rhythm - all blended together with an array of obscure effects and samples - has earned them slots alongside Sunflower Bean, Menace Beach, Ulrika Spacek, Soviet Soviet and headline shows in Leeds and York supported by fellow noise-rock artists Drahla and Colour of Spring. They’re also making a reverb-soaked splash back at home, being the first unsigned North East band to headline the prestigious Riverside venue in Newcastle (which has previously held nights for acts such as Jesus and Mary Chain, Interpol and The Horrors) to a 300+ audience.

Recorded in MJ’s Suburban Home studio in Leeds, the track features a consistent guitar line remaining present throughout the track like clockwork, dipping in and out of view as other parts take precedence. Extreme dynamic alterations lace the song, from the abrasive chorus to the intertwining, mellow middle 8. For the climax, melodic guitar feedback and an Ebow are used side by side; alongside Ewan’s spoken word overlapping Sean’s distant vocals, this invokes a sense of multiple inner voices and opinions, mirroring the lyrics’s theme of abandonment.

Not only do Dose take an experimental approach to songwriting, they create live visuals with help from friend Mitchell Dilley to accompany their shows.

“For months now I’ve been carrying around a VHS camcorder taking documentary style footage, and only later realised the potential they had as projections. I approached Mitchell about working on something and together we started piecing together a video of stop motion style clips and abstract light-art. We combined this with footage of our abandoned studio and other influences on the songwriting for ‘Furniture’, to create something personal to compliment our live set.” - Ewan Barr

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Date Friday 2 March 2018 at 19:00
Address The Cluny, Lime Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 2PQ
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