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Sounds likeTrippie Redd Drake. Swae lee

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Drip overkill is a duo that are made up of brothers Njoku Bobby and Njoku Fortune and they both have roots from Lagos State Nigeria.

The duo deals in the hip hop genre style of music and are both seeking to satisfy the world with professional global sounds.

Our music journey started 2017, and we released our first single on SoundCloud titled voodoo on the beat. We have released two singles officially and we also have A lot of projects which are on the way.

We believe music is the bridge of people , it connects irrespective of race, ethnicity or country. Its a remedy for the soul and a cure to all disabilities.

We also have a lot of musical influences, we would say our influences can be anyone at anytime ...all the musicians we ever heard are a big influence. We heard their music, so whether we like it or not , they are a part if the influence .

Our goal is to change the game of hip hop
We basically want a new style with a infusion of afro sounds and rhythm with soul and not just the regular.

We are currently unsigned but we work closely with our in house producer by the name Teddy hits, he has also been a major friend and business associate.

We love all forms of music ...music is life . Music is culture, music is everything. The world would be pretty boring without music because even nature is music.

We urge everyone to be open minded when it comes to music because music is so artistic if not the best form of art.

Our music genre is basically trap and we infuse a bit of afro and also soul. We were both a part of choir in church. So definitely our music must have a touch of soul and afro.
We would never deny the fact that we are Africans. Africa has been a major influence in our music and we also urge the world to be open minded to all African music.
Everyone should get ready because it's about to get hot!!

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