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War On Hate is the second single from London-based Drug Free Collective. It was released on the
4th March 2019.

Here are the lyrics

I’m ready to fight for your corner in my war on hate
I’m ready to serve on the frontline if it’s not too late

With so much hatred vented on social media
people thinking they’re the new encyclopaedia
their minds so damaged by Facebook and Twitter
the space in their heads is filling up with litter

What kind of person drives a car or a van
on to the pavement just to kill their fellow man?
you’d have to say that we’ve left it too late
to address their issues, to reverse their hate

But if you wait too long for these things to change
they’ll just stay the same and hate goes on

Take a good, hard look round when walking through your town
the anger you witness will likely bring you down
cyclists, pedestrians, drivers cursing each other
what happened to the idea of respecting your brother?

How can a children’s charity reward
a child mass murderer with any kind of award;
could it have hated those children even more
if it had locked them in a cellar and nailed down the trap door?

War On Hate reached top spot in the Top Thirty DJ Chart of www.kingsofspins.com, the influential site owned by Eddie Gordon, founder of BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix.

It also featured in BBC Radio 6 DJ Tom Robinson's first Listening Post of 2019 (batch 309) at www.freshonthenet.com.

If you have a Spotify account, you can hear the track at this link

The musicians involved in the band's first two singles are

Tracy Graham - vocals
Mike Westergaard - drum programming, bass, keyboard and special effects
James Hender - electric guitar
Abi Omonua - vocals
Daniel Ogunsalu - rap

Tracy Graham is the touring backing vocalist for Martin Fry's band ABC.

Abi Omonua's most recent singing credit was Caroline, Or Change at the Playhouse Theatre, London.

James Hender plays as George Harrison in the tribute band Imagine...The Beatles.

Mike Westergaard is a very successful composer and producer and produced both singles.

Both singles were written by Mark Lewczynski.

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