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Sounds likeDead Letter Circus - Katatonia - Smashing Pumpkins - Therapy? - Karnivool

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avoiding the use of the direct and plain while staying accessible

We are DYING HABIT an alternative rock band from North Wales.
Anglesey-based band, initially we started jamming together around eight years ago. But we only officially formed as Dying Habit in 2016 when we discovered that what we were writing and playing was pretty special and that we had really good chemistry playing together.
Also, the music we are making isn’t really like anything around, so we have a desire to get out there and show people what we are about. The band really came about through our shared love and passion for music and the escapism that it provides from daily life.

The band draws influences from 1990s alt-rock of the likes of Therapy?, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead through to more recent bands like Katatonia and Karnivool yet, but then again, we don’t really sound like any of them.

Our third single should be out late July 2019, having just wrapped up our latest batch of writing new music and recording.
We recorded our 2nd studio single 'Into Colour' at The Motor Museum in Liverpool with Loic Gaillard producing. A third single will be released late 2019.
Dying Habit - Into Colour (Lyrics)
Float above the surface
Think about tomorrow
Digging up the past its
becoming real
We are getting somewhere
No more living in shadows
You got to show your face
just get it done
On the edge of a dotted line
about to end it all
Wandering why I'd leave
it all behind
Sink beneath the bottom
Theres not much to uncover
Behind the walls we're
finding all the clues
On the edge for a second time about to end it all
Wandering why should I turn away
And I'm melting into you
Into colour we flow
Into colour we flow
Screaming the words at you
all because of you 
Gripping onto the edge
about to end it all
Wandering why should I turn away

We are in full creative mode placing some final touches in some brand new tracks we've been working on. What lies ahead is beautiful, exciting and positive. Stay tuned for some exciting news! Smile at the thought of the future.
Much love
Dying Habit

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