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Dying Habit are an alternative rock band and based in North Wales. The quartet recently released their new music video for “Unrealities”. It is emotional and quite realistic, yet epic for the beautiful, rather haunting and unique tune, which is taken from their forthcoming album “Unrealities”.

The band tells about “Unrealities”;
We all have some kind of goal we aim for, be it a job, a passion or a style of life we really want. Whatever the case, our ambitions are “Unrealities” in society… an illusion in society’s eyes. Our single “Unrealities” is about never giving up on your dreams as unreal as they may seem. Unreal means failure and failure leads to success. Be true to yourself and never stray from the path your heart puts you on.
Our forthcoming album “Unrealities” tackles many of our generations social issues, including mental health. It’s targeted at an audience who have experienced ‘hard-ship’ of sorts in their lives and who therefore perceive the world differently to those who have not yet.

Dying Habit‘s music is melodic, emotive, and distinctively big. They continue to keep their songwriting within their own style and have improved the sound they achieved since they formed as a band in 2011. Their influences include Dead Letter Circus, Katatonia, Foo Fighters, and Karnivool.

It's within them short moments when we first wake up in the morning that determines how we are going to feel in ourselves for that day. Happiness is born within. Never let your inner demons effect the lives of others. Love what you do and who you are. 'Unrealities'.

The gripping, beautifully-filmed video shows a young woman struggling with her inner demons – her “unrealities.”

Dying Habit


What's all the noise? The voices and screams.
It's only 7am,
it's only 7am.
What the hell am I doing up.

Collections of sounds playing in my head.
Echoing round the room - it's beautiful.

Lost here with you,
lost here with you..
Play the game that makes us real.
We're falling into a trap, we love what we do.
Illusions, unrealities.

All the birds are falling everywhere I look -
and it's getting out of control.
The skies are turning black, and I don't know what to do.

Dying Habit are -
Nathan Jones - Vocals
Alan Hart - Guitar
Aled Hughes - Bass
Mark Jones - Drums

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