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Four-piece rock/pop/indie band that play all original music.

As a band, we have lived in what we call Weston-super-Vegas (Mare) our entire lives. The name of our band comes from a tiny place just outside Weston called Eastertown. One night we played a gig and our friend was driving a very drunk band (us) home and one of us noticed the sign and insisted we go and take a look. What did we find? One road, seven houses and a fence that for some reason was on fire..... That was the sprawling metropolis known as Eastertown. We decided in our drunken state that it would be a good name for our band......the next day, we still liked it. Although we like cider much less. So, the name stuck. Please send help..... ;-)
Once upon a time in the mild mild West.........

A guy called Mark had some good tunes and some good(ish) friends. These friends shared a love of melody and cider.

In their poorer days the singer would place bets that he could down a pint in one second. This talent alone saw them raise enough funds for a kebab and a poorly recorded studio demo. Bad as it was, they thought they had promise........

Fast forward a number of years (during which time they have received airplay on MTV and the Radio One breakfast show) they still have an ear for a timeless melody and a killer hook.

They\\'ve just finished an album titled \\'Utopian\\' which was recorded by Romesh Dondaganda at Longwave studios in Cardiff and mastered at Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright. The band feel that this is their best work to date, combining and capturing the live sound they\\'ve spent years obtaining. They feel that if the songs land in the \\'right ears\\' the chances are that the listening public will catch onto what their hard-core fans have known for years......this band really does have songs that will make you smile, laugh, cry and shout along to in equal measure. Pure, uplifting, anthemic. Eastertown deserve to be heard.
They really hope you like it. It has their heart and soul in it.

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