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We are Echo Machine, a new-wave pop group from Dundee in Scotland.

Formed in early 2018, we released our first two singles, St Elmo and Vibrations, over the summer.

Echo Machine is made up of Ghari Moore, Michael McFarlane and Ben Doherty. We have each played in different bands, and in those bands we circumnavigated the globe many times over, crammed into the back of a rusty blue transit van, playing pubs, clubs, stadiums and festivals, but only now have we landed at a place we can call our own.

We love the huge, unashamed pop bands of the 80s like OMD, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears, as well as more modern acts like MGMT, Interpol, The Killers, Bloc Party and The Horrors.
We are also fans of long, depressing novels, badly applied make-up, terrible dancing and ideas way above our station.

We want to make people move, and to feel something.

Rock n' Roll isn't dead, it has just be turned into a consumerist zombie, existing solely so that "rock chic" can still be sold by fashion retailers, booze manufacturers and anyone wanting to have some kind of safe element of rebellion to attach to their product.
If your rebellion tastes like, sounds like, and wears the same T-shirt as your parents rebellion you can be pretty certain you have been sold a lie.
In a world where anyone can reach into their pocket and be one click from unimaginable acts of sex and violence, can shouting a naughty word over a power chord still be considered rebellious?

We want to create freedom and fun, great big fist in the air fun that makes your heart pound and your knees tremble.

We played a sold-out debut gig in Dundee on July 20th, a show described by The Skinny as a "gender-bending display of futuristic sounds", then supported local hero Kyle Falconer (The View) at another sold out Dundee show a week later. Our next two gigs are at Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh on September 6th and Twa Tams in Perth on September 8th, as part of this years Perth Music Expo.

Gmail - echomachinemusic@gmail.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/echomachinemusic
Twitter - www.twitter.com/echomach
Instagram - www.instagram.com/echomachinemusic

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