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Edgeworth is an unsigned indie musician from London, UK. His songs range from, and mix, no wave, new wave, folk, funk, indie, punk, and non-distortion pedal alternative. His first studio album “at Ranscombe Studios“ was recorded in June 2019 in Ranscombe Studios, Rochester. Here are some lyrics from the first songs on the album:

Goat tap

A sub-illiterate and thrown a, not a single bone.
A man can read.
When the mountain said, it said "Go back!"
"Go tap to it." he would agree.

Dealing in his Goat Tap.
He would spring in to it on his own.
The mountain said "Don't act stupid!".
Kid said "It's started, mustn't it now breed?
I've only seen an adult tap for phones,
whereas I would do it on my own."

Kids all got in to this Goat Tap.
A fire really spread across their knees.
The poor little donkeys have no children.
The Goat Tap is now declared disease.
Children get it in their knees.

I only said
"Go back to the dinner room!"

Big Titty was alive.
And he rode out jagged on his own.

When the mountain said.
Where the mountain said.
He said "Go back to the dinner room!"

Wind blows ravaging time.
I can hardly make up my mind.

The farmer

It was made, it was made, it was almost here.
But they cut him from the trunk.
Come and laugh at the old maid dear.
He was almost true.

He was fed, he was fed, by the old maid dear.
Each hour through the night she cared.
But the farmer killed him in front of the old maid dear.
He was a farmer true.

She was buried by the farmer the following year.
Her hurt he never knew.
Come in died, then you're in tide.
I would rather anew.

The end.

My head

He was the partner of his feet.
He lives in my head.
Lives at the bottom of the street.

He says his partner wants to leave.
He lives in my head.
He wants to belly fondle me.

Ripped it out before the admin.
There was nowhere left to get tipped.
More and more you rattle from it.
I didn't make. It was out there.

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