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Sounds likeTom Waits, Patti Smith, Anna Calvi, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Feist

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“Elea Calvet taps into music’s emotive foundations with elements of Tom Waits & Patti Smith reminiscent in her lyrical style. Born in Canada & raised in India, Elea has since settled in UK and is set on becoming one of the most prolific alternative artists on the independent scene today.” - Music News

“Latest single Trigger builds on the rich musicality of her debut, delivering a heartfelt brand of rock that harbours levels of sass and swagger rarely seen in this day and age. Earmarking her not just as a bright young talent, but as an act that feels equal parts timely and timeless." - Louderthanwar

"She is an eclectic artist, and certainly one who does not hold back." - The Line Of Best Fit

“As a child Elea found refuge in poetry and creative writing, influenced by the written work of Bukowski, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Eleas transition into music stemmed from learning the Drawmwin and then Yangqin, in an attempt to imitate the music from her personal CD collection. Turning her attention towards guitar, Elea’s music developed its own distinctive roar, reflecting the primal echoes of her surrounding wildernesses. Fierce and captivating, her atmospheric style draws you into a private world and paints a picture through Eleas own unique angle. Vulnerable yet cynical, Elea Calvet is above all memorable.” VENTS Magazine

"Electrifying debut" - It's All Indie

“Enviably young, Elea Calvet’s talent also ought to make you delighted and yet insanely jealous in equal measures. French-Canadian by birth, she’s firmly Bristol-based, her urban grungy blues making her akin to a millennial Patti Smith” - Bristol Live Magazine

"She has made her hallmark to a swamp-tarnished, banshee howl, like PJ Harvey or Patti Smith going gospel or the sound of yet another soul being sold at a midnight crossroads." - Dancing About Architecture

“Enthralling” - Indie Buddie

“this is just the type of empowering music that you should be listening to” - Afterdark

"It is elusive and evanescent yet ecstatic and emotionally universal" - The Swindonian

"It's a bold, confident and unique introduction to an artist who's destined for great things" (...) "Both haunting and nail-biting, Eléa doesn’t shy away in this spectacular effort, pushing her gripping vocal and blues rock guitar strings to new levels, forming a towering sound reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Feist." - Tap The Feed

"The electrifying Elea Calvet will terrify and mesmerise in equal measure" - Songs of Praise

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Date Saturday 17 November 2018 at 09:38
Address Rough Trade Bristol, Nelson Street, Bristol, UK, BS1 2QD
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