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Eighteen-year-old newcomer Eloïse has caused a stir since her debut release last October. Studio54 received rave reviews and she clearly shows a great deal of promise, described by The 405 as ‘A debut single that really gets your ears paying attention’. She has since released the ‘Marie Antoinette EP’ to even more praise. Clash called her ‘a prodigal pop talent’ as they premiered her first ever video, in June.

Eloïse grew up in rural Suffolk to a family in the visual arts. This meant that music always had a visual element to it, which explains the strong aesthetic style, which accompanies each release. Having just finished her A-Levels she spent a large part of her school career in acting, however musical theatre did not excite her. She wanted to merge the subtlety of a great film actor with the emotional honesty of her music and put that into performance. Films and TV like Rocky Horror, Twin Peaks, Pulp Fiction and Labyrinth have played a significant role in her creative view.

Discovering Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey and Michael Jackson demonstrated to her how you can create a world around the music and Frank Ocean and David Bowie showed her how to integrate a bitter, critical voice into her work, developing her own dark sense of humour.

‘I am hugely influenced by pop culture and zeitgeist. I like to use pop culture as a vehicle for ideas especially as I love the slight tackiness of namedropping people, places and things. But for me it isn’t about comparing a bad reality with a glamorous celebrity or film world, I like playing with them and finding the beauty and grit in either. The real importance for me was seeing how celebrity culture has stretched further and further into people’s everyday lives and therefore it is the focal point in looking at teenage lives for me.’

Eloïse has garnered a great deal of interest in the blog-world, was selected as Best New Music by The Telegraph, as well as support Arms and Sleepers on their UK tour and then going on to selling out her first London headline show in August.

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Date Wednesday 23 August 2017 at 17:00
Address Paper Dress Vintage, Mare Street, London, United Kingdom, E8 1HR

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