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What began in 2008 as a local cover act built by guitarist Alan Hunter and bassist Scott Crawford quickly evolved into a hungry revival of genuine rock‘n’roll known as Emerald Sunday. The quintet bring their own twist on classic rock‘n’roll, mixing in melodic hooks with foot stomping choruses that have fans singing all the way from their home in Angus, Scotland. With a well-rounded line-up including vocalist Mick Martin, guitarist Matt Flemming, drummer John Morgans, and Andrew Taylor.

Emerald Sunday have spent the last few years building their fan base by performing with the popular acts such as Primal Scream, Big Country, Embrace, Example, From The Jam plus many more. After reaching success with two No.1 hits on the Scottish New Music Chart for their tracks ‘Streets of Harlem’ & ‘Lay Down on the Highest Cloud” and a self-titled album that reached No. 18 on the Amazon Rock Chart, the band is now turning to Richard McNamara of ‘Embrace’ to produce the band’s new album (Willow) 2017-2019 Over 2 years in the making going down to Halifax for long weekends funded off their own back Doing any gig that could help pay to record at Richards studio, Rik put the guys through hell to get the best sound from each individual musician pushing them in each recording session. March 2019 the album was finished and now they had to focus on polishing the album (Willow). Alan & Mike Travelled on the overnight bus to London a drunken 12-hour journey to Nick Watson of Fluid Mastering studio for the finishing touches.

Finally it was time to pick a single! That was tough but with some help from Former Kerrang Presenter Emma Scott (PuggingBaby) they all agreed on What Becomes of You, even Emma admitted that it was difficult to choose as every track on the album is a single! So fast-forward to May ‘What Becomes of You’ was released on 24/05/19 and has been aired on over 70 radio stations that includes Janice Long BBC Wales, Planet Rock Wyatt show, Amazing Radio Jim and many more to come.

The Video for ‘What Becomes of You’ was done by Troy of Magicbox studio Dundee.

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