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Emily Mercer is a singer songwriter and pianist based in Manchester, UK.

With deep vocals, rich chords, punchy hooks and unexpected turns, Emily's piano-driven songs sit somewhere between Jazz, Folk and something more Theatrical.

Growing up in rural Suffolk, Emily played the piano and performed in bands from a young age, before moving to Leeds to study Popular Music at The University of Leeds. Here, she developed her individual songwriting style, building up an extensive catalogue of original material and self-releasing demos online.

Having moved away after University, Emily found her way back to Leeds in 2016. Performing as a solo singer songwriter, she immersed herself in Leeds's local music scene and built up a steady local following, fine-tuning her distinctive sound.

In July 2018, Emily began recording her first EP, writing and arranging 4 of her original songs with a full band, recording over the following months at Leeds Beckett Studios with producer o.g.k Atlas. During the recording process, Emily moved to Manchester, returning in January 2019 to Launch the EP in Leeds with a successful full band show. Emily released her debut single 'Silent Man', in December 2018, followed by the full EP titled 'Transparency' in January 2019.

'Transparency' showcases a wide range of musical styles, from Jazz to Folk and Pop, sometimes even hinting at the drama of Musical Theatre. Rich in metaphor and word play, her lyrical songs explore both social and personal issues, often dealing with topics such as self reflection, empowerment, feminism and mental health, all the while retaining a playful cynicism.

'Her music is somehow timeless, it’s contemporary, but it has things going on that invoke music of the past. It’s not particularly easy, it twists and turns, it changes tempo, it shifts feel; but it rewards proper listening. Each song is somehow a performance, it brings to mind a series of images. It’s deeply emotional.' - Local Sound Focus

'This lovely mashup works really well, adding fun and bounce to the more ‘traditional’ sonic palette of vocal jazz. The end result is a light, swinging sound that’s rich in musicality and dynamics that’s really easy and enjoyable to listen to.' - Richer Unsigned

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