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Empielle, or simply -

is a D.I.Y electronica producer and unsigned solo act from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States.
Empielle is a name created from (and pronounced as) the artist's initials - M.P.L. Empielle is the artist name and name of the sonic project. They started making music with GarageBand when they were in high school, learning Logic Pro a few months later; since, it has been their passion and goal to dedicate their life to music. They have always been the sole creator of this project – from the singing and songwriting to the production and promotion. Empielle's music has been described by fans as ethereal, Goth, magical, and dark.

Corpgothic, Em's first LP was released in 11/2016; a cyberpunk, dystopian fairytale written by a sentient machine. Corpgothic is the culmination of work produced from late high school through the time Em obtained their bachelor’s degree. After being put on the back burner for college, focus on the musical project of Empielle could commence. Mid-century Doom (released in 8/2017) is the first single from Empielle’s second album, of which a name and release date are to be determined. Empielle is in the midst of thematic planning and skeletal building of this album. Working full time as an IT professional places major time limitations on them, but music is always something Empielle is thinking about.

Empielle is futuristic, eerie, nostalgic, transgressive, dramatic, cyberpunk, and evolving. The umbrella genre for Empielle is electronic, but as you listen to their music, it is evident that Empielle is influenced by many different genres and the music reflects that. Overall influential genres include dance, electronic, rock, industrial, R&B, and classical. Sub-genres that Empielle can be considered as include: dark wave, synth wave, new wave, synth pop, dream pop, indie pop, alternative pop, baroque pop, electro pop, industrial…Basically anything involving synths and a beat.

If your interest has been piqued, stick around for the exciting development of this project. More things are to come; including visual elements, live shows, and of course new music. Be sure to follow the Empielle SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for further updates!

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