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Sounds likeInterpol, Tame Impala, Sonic Youth

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We are Emu War, an alternative/indie rock band that blend psychedelic influences with elements of shoegaze to showcase a unique sound. The band are from Glasgow and have been playing in the local music scene for 2 years as well as gigging in Edinburgh and the north of Scotland.
We take inspiration from artists such as Interpol, Tame Impala, Pixies, Slowdive and Sonic Youth.

The members consist of Fergus McLean (Guitar/vocals), Callum McNie (Bass, Vocals), James Welsh (Guitar) and Calum Gaffney (Drums). The band started when Calum and Callum decided to join forces and then ask Fergus to play guitar. Calum and Fergus had been writing together for 4 years at this point so were keen to keep working in a band. James cemented his place in the band shortly after to create the 4-piece.

Initially working on some covers of R&B/soul and indie songs , Emu War started to find their feet in terms of sound and began writing energetic indie songs with a dark twist as well as harsh alternative and psychedelic tunes. Emu War's original songs quickly gathered a following in Glasgow and led to playing shows amongst local favourites such as The Bleeders and Noasis.

Glasgow venues that we have graced include Stereo, BOX, Ivory Blacks as well as Three Sisters and Bannerman's in Edinburgh. One such gig involved turning up to the venue to be greeted with a stage the size of the drum kit. Adapting to the circumstances, Emu War acquired instruments from fellow artists on the night and played a lively acoustic set in lieu of their classic electric sound to a forgiving audience.

The band look to record more songs with an alternative feel and keep exploring odd sounds while maintaining the frequency of live shows in the central belt of Scotland. Emu War will also look to play in other cities in the country as well as travel to England for gigs. With a host of songs on Soundcloud already, Emu War are excited to keep providing their audience with more unique tunes and maintain the lively, exciting and fun live shows.

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Date Saturday 25 November 2017 at 20:00
Address The Record Factory, Byres Road, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G11 5RD
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