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Hello, to everyone reading this. This is the page for Evolved to Overthrow, this is currently a single person hard rock, punk band from London which was formed by 19 musician Harry Carey. Harry’s main duties include singing and playing guitar and also occasionally plays the keyboard, but as he is currently the only musician he also plays Bass and Drums for the first album, with hopes that one day two additional musicians with similar ambitions can take on the role as a bass player and as a drummer, and the three members can play rock music for the world. The one-person band first arrived at the music scene with its debut single "The Devil Within", which is a song consisting of Harry playing acoustic guitar whilst singing, and was written about Harry's belief that every person has their own "Mr Hyde" and states that when people are least in control with themselves their darker selves begins to take toll and slowly begins to ruin their lives. Within the next the year the bands debut album “The First Stage” is set to be released, and once that is accomplished the band will be fully formed and will start gigging to promote their work.
The songs are structured through its emotions expressed through its poetical song writing, the musicianship, the songs progression, and Carey’s emotion filled vocal work which speaks of his deep emotions and opinions, mainly about problems involving social issues which may affect people worldwide this usually includes mental health issues, terrorism, abuse, crime, war etc. This allows for the songs to raise awareness so that the listeners will understand the issues which are currently present in society.
The musical influences for Harry varies from the style of song writing, playing style and musical style. For his guitar playing he is mainly influenced by Brian May, but he also takes influence from Matt Bellamy, Tom Morello, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Marr. For his song writing he is influenced by Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. For his song style he is influenced mainly by Alternative rock, Punk rock and several forms of Hard Rock and Metal. His Main influences includes Nirvana, Green Day, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, The Clash, Queen, RATM and Muse.

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