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Emerging from the sprawling Austin, TX music scene, Eye Said So is a two-man band clearly worthy of being referred to as “schizo pop”. While their sound is rooted in pop music’s catchy melodies and chord progressions, it also heavily incorporates elements of hip-hop, punk, alternative rock, blues, EDM, industrial, and even metal. Live and programmed drums mix with guitars, bass and synths in a complicated dance that comes together so seamlessly and effortlessly for this genre-twisting sound machine. Imagine Twenty One Pilots “kitchen sink” approach to song writing with a heavy dose of guitars and some Texas sensibilities. The poetic stylings of lyricist, lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist G.A. (former Engine No. 9) are perfectly complimented by partner Sach (former Engine No. 9; The Smoke Jumpers), who brings his recording experience along with his own mutli-instrument and vocal talents together into a twisted yin and yang relationship that produces catchy, “hum-along to” songs about life’s dramatic ups and downs that are packed with frenetic energy.

Consisting of two lifelong friends that have traveled different roads but have serendipitously arrived at the same place and time while never losing the desire to make music, Eye Said So are a two-man band that screams much larger than the sum of its parts. As teenagers, G.A. and Sach were founding members of Texas nu-metal band Engine No. 9, who played throughout the southern region of the U.S., ultimately opening up for rock bands such as Coal Chamber and Kid Rock. But, as is often the story with many bands, unexpected life events caused core members to suddenly leave the band, leading to its demise. Sach took on a move to Austin, TX and continued his search for artistic release through recording and playing music with various groups, including a short-lived revamped E9 and local hip-hop group The Smoke Jumpers. He continued to work on various music projects while also attending film school and working in the local film industry. G.A. moved to East Texas and became the consummate family man, raising three awesome kids while also taking on a job in the world of finance and even starting a multi-million dollar oil field-related company. But the music was always still there underneath. Years later, after dramatic changes in their lives, they found themselves hanging out again and once again realizing how much the urge to make music was still a part of their lives. G.A. had written notebooks full of poetry and had dozens of songs worked out on his trusty acoustic guitar. Although they continued to discuss using the internet to exchange recorded ideas and build songs from long distance, once again life was moving too fast and things just never materialized. You could go as far as to use the old cliché that they’ve been on “the roller coaster of life”, but that roller coaster ride would be more like the opening scene of Final Destination 3. Long story short, circumstances found G.A. moving to Austin, and on day 1 the music writing process between G.A. and Sach began and hasn’t stopped since.

Eye Said So are currently working on their debut album and always honing the live show experience. Their latest single, “Chrome” is out now. “Why?” “Because Eye Said So.


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