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Born of an entwinement of dreamy folk influences and vibrant electronic elements, the music of EYVA is a genesis of ethereal sound, recalling a vivacious yet softly tribal quality. The Swiss-born London based artist draws on tight harmonies and floating melodies interlaced with brittle authentic projections of her vocals to create atmospheric and speculative music. Her work is a subtle nod to influences of artists such as Bon Iver and James Blake, whilst retaining a tantalising, utopic originality.

« My music is very personal to me, it took some time to learn to be confident but then, when I started to feel this burning energy while performing, it all just clicked » For EYVA, music has to be a complete experience, designed to « carry people and allow them in my atmosphere for a few minutes. I want people to love themselves in the sound. » She creates an abstract sensory experience that is reflective of both her writing process and visual aesthetic.

In her first single ‘Mother’, EYVA pays tribute to both her mother’s Ugandan heritage and her Swiss upbringing. « When we’d visit Uganda my ears always loved hearing these powerful drum sounds, so I like to incorporate it into my music, without making my songs sound like world music. » She creates an abstract sensory experience that is reflective of both her writing process and visual aesthetic. For her, the sound and the visuals work hand in hand. Adding the visuals is just as if she was explaining her universe in another language, adding depth to my songs: “I want the feeling to transcend the sound, that’s why my lyrics are so abstract”.
In ,Mother’, EYVA adresses the themes of confusion and conflicting emotions, in an intimate yet rousing manner. The track ‘Mother’ centers around the broadly universal but also endlessly personal life perceptions. The track, produced by herself, is a downtempo alternative pop music, bringing her folk and electronic influences together.

" "Mother" manages to be at once dramatic and understated, its gently accented pop punctuated by staccato handclaps and a subtle build of rousing drumbeats. Softly layered vocals build a dreamy downtempo soundscape that feels almost like a lament in places." Pip Williams, The Line of Best Fit

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