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FADSTER - is an alias used by Fadi Gaziri for his self-produced solo EP - 'The Jump', release in early 2015. Currently living and working in Hamburg Fadster is a musician, looping artist, composer and producer.

The British multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and composer is hard to pin down in musical terms. Born to a Lebanese father and a Russian mother Fadster trained as a classical musician taking lessons in violin and piano and was predestined to be a classical musician; however, at University, while studying composition and orchestration he became fascinated with Film and started writing music to film shorts, animation, and any projects involving music and the moving image. in 2007 he studied Film Music Masters at Bournemouth, and then went on to work as a composer for a small production company in Hamburg.

In the latter part of 2000s Fadster got influenced by the wave of minimalistic sound track scores by the likes of Phillipp Glass. At the same time he became increasingly interested in with the Chillout, Deephouse and EDM sound, the likes of M83, BONOBO and Daft Punk, to name a few. In his first self-produced EP 'The Jump' Fadster attempted to merge the cinematic imaginative scoring with the electronic sounds.

In 2015 Fadi moved to Berlin to work for a show company as an in-house composer and producer. He spent two and a half years there writing, scoring and producing music for their on-board shows.
During that time, he also managed to score some shorts and documentaries. Most notably the NDR production “Im Verkauf” directed by S. Gromes, which later won several awards.

In 2017 Fadster released a cover of Imani's 'Don't be shy' - which he performed as a looping artists on a piano, violin, vocals and underlying beats.

Currently Fadster is working on his second EP 'The Defektor' which merges yet again the cinematic sound with more hard-hitting electro vibes.

Fadster's music is a juxtaposition of a naîve utopian view together with the hard-hitting and sombre reality. This is portryaed through his affinity with the melody, and the washed out contours, evident through his use of instrumentation.

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