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Father!' began in November 2017, formed as the musical platform and vision of Meath native Sean Brunswick, during his time studying architecture and a low period of self-reflection.

A self-recorded, self-titled EP, made within three weeks was released on Christmas Day 2017 with bright, warm guitar melodies emerging into the light.

By June 2017 an 8 track debut album titled ‘beach cloud daze’ had been recorded, mastered and released again, entirely on Brunswick's own strength. Tracks like ‘Thank You’ were made with the same creative freedom as the previous EP, in the early hours of the morning, influenced by the likes of Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing. The music embraces a lo-fi, DIY ethic that focuses on atmosphere over production value and in doing so, instead remains true to its human value, allowing the melody to the light the way, regardless.

Compared to the sounds of The Cure, Galaxie 500, Preoccupations and New Order, 'Father!'s upcoming and third release in just over a year - 'queen of spain - EP' will attempt to place Brunswick among the biggest in the Irish Dream Pop and Lo-Fi scene.

"Meath lo-fi and dream pop act Father! released his debut album, Beach Cloud Daze on the 8th of June. The 8 track collection comes in at just under the 25 minute mark, its unabashed DIY feel working well in creating a sleepy mood which matches up to its suggestive title. First track 'Opening' is a fiery start which sounds like a re-working of Joy Division's 'Disorder'. That intensity subsides on the dream-like sequences of 'Thank You' and 'Satin', both of which embrace an undercurrent of late 80's jangle-pop amidst the low hum of fizzing guitars."


"A song with a faraway sound, the juxtaposition in tone and texture found within Father!’s debut offering clashes glistening backdrops, reverb swamped vocals and sudden lo-fi guitar stabs to great effect. Always moving forward, the music of Father! feels propellant, mixing a myriad of genres ‘Celebrate’ experiments without every drifting too far from the shores of its pop sensibilities."


Father!'s debut album 'Beach Cloud Daze' ranked #20 in REMY's Irish Albums of the Year:




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