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Through a range of inspiring but challenging stories and experiences from his youth, despite at the tender age of 18, Favour.O, a singer/songwriter from Southampton, Uk, writes music as a form of storytelling and catharsis, a skill which he acquired since the age of 12. His recent debut single “Free” (released in early 2019), is a chilled r&b record featuring Favour’s soulful vocals amidst a warm electric guitar and bass heavy snare, and is a romantic plea of liberation from Favour’s past relationships which have done more harm than good, an experience which is wildly related to. The record which was produced by the talented French producer Bob Andria, and mixed/mastered by Rekinsa, has gained local acclaim from listeners who testify that the song is not only “so catchy” but also “relatable” and “evidence of dedication and narrow-focused tunnel vision”,
hoping “that there are more excellent, chilled tracks like
‘Free’ to bless our ears”.

The song was written from experience of the young singer’s childhood during which he faced a lot of bullying from people who admittedly were threatened by Favour’s vision for his music career. Often engaging in relationships and friendships with peers and people who he initially thought had the right intent, he soon found that these people were not only toxic to him but often two faced, claiming that they were his friends but then acting otherwise behind his back and engaging in antagonising activity when with larger groups of people. As a result he found himself moving from friendship to friendship trying to find a place to belong, before deciding he had to free himself from these negative relationships in which he had invested so much emotional effort into. This proved difficult, however he knew this was a process which he had to undergo and eventually championed.

Favour says his music is raw and honest because he “wants people to be able to relate to it… I’m not very good at sugar coating things haha”. He also adds that “it is my way of expressing my inmost thoughts and feelings which I might not otherwise be comfortable to disclose to even my closest friends and family” and is “very therapeutic and helps me deal with my emotions”.

The young singer/songwriter wants his listeners “to feel like they can connect with the song” and “hopes it encourages them to be brave and take the step to free themselves from any toxic and unhealthy relationships they find themselves in, especially youth of my age, who tend to chase popularity and acceptance or love from people who don’t actually care about them”. The promising emerging artist, who’s music is influenced by a mixed selection of artists such as: Khalid, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R and Shawn Mendes, is also set on releasing more music this year and says it “will definitely feature my love for R&b/soul seasoned with some pop” as well as aiming to work on an ep which would give a greater insight into his music style and more stories he wishes to share and inspire with.

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