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F\GUREHEAD have just their second single, Samodiva.
The new track is a co-written piece by Lou Woodger (flute, guitar, bass and live loop artist) and Kelly Buckley (lyricist, vocalist and beat/fx looper).
Inspired by the idea of merging electronica with traditional live instruments and of the modern high tech world working in harmony with the ancient, the new track became a piece using the mythology of the ‘Samodiva’ as a metaphor to serve as a warning that society needs to respect Mother Nature more. The Samodiva is woodland nymph found in Slavic folklore, who has an affinity for fire and is said to be a ‘keeper of nature’. The Samodiva tends to dislike humans as they are destructive to the earth.
Buckley, who wrote the lyrics and vocal melody, added: “We were playing with some beats, and then Lou came up these great musical parts to go over them, which were both pulsating and driving yet had a real haunting feel and conjured a feeling of ancient times as well as the modern. I top lined the vocal melody to harmonise with flute parts, which felt like they should be quite ethereal, and accent the driving bass.
Lou added: “Samodiva is the perfect representation of F\gurehead's current sound and style, an eclectic mix of driving bass and beats, ethereal vocals with flute and cigar box guitar.
"We have been lucky enough to work with two highly creative women, Karen Penman and Kate Maraj, to make the music video.”
Also involved in the visual side were fire poi dancer Julie Howe, photographer Anna Lukala and artist and model maker Tony Mather.
The first part of the video was filmed on the night of March 21 2019, the night of the full ‘worm moon’. This spring moon is when, as the folklore goes, the Samodiva comes to earth to live in the woods and protect nature.
Kelly said: “It was the day of the night of the full moon and there was just this really charged, beautiful energy happening all day, with us girls in the woods, having lots of fun with costume, make up, filming. We stayed until after dark because of capturing the fire poi and hoping to film the full moon. When we saw it come out from behind the clouds it was really magical.
"We also happened to release the song on another spring moon, the full 'flower moon' on May 18, so we'd like to think this song has a real touch of spring magic.’’
Samodiva follows F\gurehead’s debut - High/Low Tide - put out in July 2018, written by Kelly Buckley & Luke Mersey, which gained the support of BBC Introducing and was championed by radio DJ, broadcaster and music author Daryl Easlea.

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