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In an era when rock music has suffered a stream of defeats by other musical persuasions, veteran Atlanta outfit FIFTEENTH SUMMER continues to forge a path with the marriage of savage guitar work, grinding synthetics, harrowing string melodies, thunderous drums, and thought-provoking lyricism with a commitment to high-energy live performance and the victory of quality music over complacent normalcy.

Birthed in early 1999 by two kids with dreams of grandeur, FIFTEENTH SUMMER rocketed out of the garage and now shares the stage with high-profile national acts like VAST and Cross Culture. Vocalist and lyrical scribe Chris DiTuri revels in the fact that the band cannot be classified as any single musical archetype. He states the unit is “always in a state of flux, always ahead of the curve, and has a fierce aversion to assimilation.”

It seems the world has started to take notice. Sherry Sabine, CEO of New Driven Music, proclaims that FIFTEENTH SUMMER can “definitely play with the big boys” while touting that “there’s more polish here than most local bands and a lot of signed artists I’ve heard.” Acclaimed podcasters the Radio Orphans praised their album Shades of Grey and its massive undertaking, saying “it’s dark, it’s sad, but there’s plenty of high-energy electronic rock here to satisfy and they’ve done it all themselves sans the plastic managers, labels, and executives.” Leading online magazine IndieXposure affirms that “the band has truly come into its own with Shades of Grey; a perfect pairing of brazen alt-rock with symphonic elements and leaden, Joy Division-inspired synthesis to create a unique atmosphere.” Hip Rock Magazine applauds the band for “teetering on the edges of alternative rock, synth rock, and symphonic hard rock while giving just enough to each to be original and satiate all fans.”

This is the end of the old world, where the battle to tell an honest story among a sea of overly primped, radio-ready clones continues to rage on. No matter where everyone else is going, FIFTEENTH SUMMER continues to push forward on their own path, even if they aren’t sure exactly where it will take them.

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