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Kate Pavli’s greatest asset is undoubtedly vocal power. Whether this can be put down to her childhood background in musical theatre, her Greco-Australian flare, or something entirely different, the fact is, very few leave a ‘Finding Kate’ show uncertain of this. And that’s a pretty good virtue when you are competing against hard hitting drums, heavy bass and distortion guitars (although there is plenty of softness in-between). Finding Kate’s live shows are a compelling affair with bone-crushing bass grooves and layered guitar work, all underpinned by Kate’s emotive and highly alluring vocals.

No stranger to the stage and recording, Kate released her debut EP "Inside Out" to unwavering support. The EP cultivated a cult following in the UK and also helped to rear an established fan-base in Cyprus. Kate has since gone on to further ply her trade, notching up impressive performances at many London venues, and delivering a series of profile appearances at a number of Cypriot festivals. Kate’s debut EP showed great promise and received unfaltering enthusiasm, giving way to her desire to dig even deeper and hit even harder for the follow up.

Dark and heavy sounds supporting vocal melodies, which standing-alone could almost be from any popular genre, are the key features of Finding Kate's debut 12-song album "If I Fall". After growing experience and appearances in a multitude of U.K. venues, there is no doubt that the new album is truly a cut above – and is aimed at a worldwide audience.

"If I Fall" was playlisted by the likes of Kerrang! Radio/TV and was featured in magazines such as Musicology and Alt-Corner.

"The songs on If I Fall are deep, emotional and allow you to seamlessly submerge yourself into them.” 8/10. Musicology

"It’s an album full of punchy rock melodies, a lot of feelings and a good measure of sass.” AltCorner

"You can feel Kate's heart opening and bleeding. For a debut album, this is incredibly impressive. Kate sounds as good as any superstar and should be gracing arena stages." 5/5 Black Velvet Magazine

Finding Kate is currently working on new material to be released in a few months. Kate and the band’s next performances are in January in the UK with dates in Germany to follow.

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Date Tuesday 9 January 2018 at 14:10
Address The Black Heart, Greenland Place, London, United Kingdom, NW1 0AP

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