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FIRESIDE. is a 21 year old french artist living between France and UK. After being in a few local bands in France, he began at the start of 2017 to record a bunch of songs which will turns into his own solo project based on dream pop indie thing basically. But FIRESIDE. hate putting his music in a box.
Himself doesn't really know which genre or music will influence him tomorrow. He makes music the same way he'll listen to it.
He likes too mi a lot of influence from Hard Rock to Rnb, so don't ask him, he cannot really tell what sort of music he does.
Besides all the music, he work to put an effort into the visuals as much as he do on the songs. "I think they both work together, I can clearly visualise colors and pictures in my head when I write a song and play with sounds, basically that's the same thing, you're painting a picture in your head, you just have to recreate it with sounds, like you will if you're drawing or painting something, that's art so there is no rules. You can do whatever you want as long as it's good for you"

He also loves DIY music like Mac Demarco, Kevin Parker, Clairo and stuff like that, he loves to sound like he is a band but he's not.
Fireside play with atmospheric ambient synth with modulate and distordded guitars and drum machines,
he's currently working on three EPs and an album that's already written for the most part.

'Do You Remember?' is his first single. It's kind of a love letter to childhood, happiness, simplicity, embracing life and getting older realizing life is hard and we can't go back.
All the songs made have been secretly recorded in a year in a completely lost and recluse basement in France.

Fireside's music is also very influenced by what's around him, growing in a modern world, fear, sex, lost relationships, drugs, past loves, mental health, hanging out as an adolescent and growing up as a a man.
"Maybe it's sounds really cliché but that's the way it is"

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