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A solo artist into joining forces with other musicians to bring in differences and to enhance songwriting ideas.
I got into New Wave when I was ten about the same time as Punk but I think it would be a lie to say that I was only influenced by those two. I started a fanzine long before I could play. School froend Patrick Mildren and I began Pigment Fanzine in 1983 and met a host of indie stars and New Wave stars too. From The Farmers Boys, Harry Kakoulli from Squeeze, Desmond Dekker and Strawberry Switchblade. As Pigment made it into edition number 3 we had clocked up quite a lot of record reviews for such bands as The Smiths or Prefab Sprout who sent us their first releases.
I then went to Birmingham Art College and formed my first band Both! playing a Wasp synthesizer and made my first demo "there's no point" on 4 track. As time went by I formed a thrash band "Blow by Bronson" having been inspired by meeting Nick from local band Napalm Death. I then recorded loads of demos with a load of cool people including Fuzz Townshend from Hippo Hippo / Pigbros and later PWEI. I moved from Birmingham to London and started singing with Sean Mildren (Patrick's brother) in Guy Blonde and The Timewasters, we were rocknroll but I sang badly and was dropped from the band.
I started to recorded with Chas Bladon under the name ORANGE and we recorded in Jam Studios at the same time as Primal Scream did Screamadelica. Then I started the guitar and moved to France. I have been recording ever since 1998.
In 2001 I signed to Kung Fu Fighting label and with my then band Bosom Buddies released "Identity Bracelet" on a compilation recorded with Nick Simms from Cornershop and Mark Swann.
I then changed name to Shendyl Movedo which I kept as a name and recorded Discoteeth with Nick Simms and also Topper with Jerome Makles from Vendetta. INXS's manager heard Topper and was into signing the song in 2003. I simultaneously made an appearance on six songs by Vegomatic on their album with a minor club hit French up song which reached MTV2 and the airwaves. I started C***zine fanzine to promote FUTURE NOW label and did seven issues. I also played a large charity gig. I continued to play open mics and sing on guest appearances with Larayure and also Martin C. I stayed busy and avoided fame but continued writing and met Les Negresses Vertes guitarist and singer Stephane Mellino who was playing in a bar, I was supporting him. We recorded an album which can be found on Bandcamp. I was called Lord Prosser and some people in France thought I was a Lord but it was just a joke. The album was mostly given away and got a little bit of radioplay and people would occasionally recognize me in pubs. I then started to write lyrics for Nevermind The Car.
I did stuff in Ben Leach's studio (The Farm, Happy Mondays) that is still unreleased but hopefully will be.
In 2017 I began First Floor Right Door and found a new vein of rock and spoken word.
First Floor Right Door new single NO ENEMIES EXIST remixed by Eric Débris went onto Deezer & Spotify.
The remix by Eric Débris has actually been shortened by 8 seconds and just slightly toned a tad. It is one of my favourites. I first met Eric in 2001 and he was going to mix some stuff back then. at that time he was living in Paris. By the time I had got this track done, he'd moved to Austin Texas. I FTP'd the song tracks and Bam!!! This is what I got. Nice
released February 24, 2018
Remix by Eric Débris
all rights reserved

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