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“Flare Voyant is a band of burning and prophetic vibrant sound revealing the spirit and transcendental melodic rock in a new inspiring form.”

Chris Kimsey (Legendary producer of The Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton etc)

“Flare Voyant brings something special to the flooded music scene. They epitomise Rock and Roll while still producing a sound we haven’t heard a million times before. They achieve what so many bands try to and fail at, and this is precisely why they are the sonic boom of creativity this decade has been missing”

Pow Magazine

“'Flarevoyancy'. It's only the second gig that I've attended, and these boys have already managed to coin a word that captures their whole essence. With impeccable dress, bohemian airs and cosmic vibrations, Flare Voyant radiate rock 'n' roll”

Sound Addict

“They each bring something to the table, whether it be studying with an Indian guru, or borrowing sheets from a Parisian poetry book. Their strong alliance with culture translates beautifully into their sound“

Spilt Milk/Rank Zine

"If you were to ask me what EP of 2017 I believed had the most firepower, I would have to say, without a doubt, Flare Voyant’s self-titled release."

Moof Magazine

''Drawing on their multicultural roots Flare Voyant deliver music which is a melting pot of different contexts and rhythms which they, like alchemists, turn in to 24ct gold."

Emerging Indie Bands

"Their music is full of unique promise and laddish charm seeping through their bohemian essence which is nothing but consistent through their first EP."

A&R Factory

“Barbarians of Rock and Roll”, Flare Voyant is a London-based but borderless band idealised in 2015 by a cluster of flamboyant young musicians from different nationalities and trajectories whose paths were crossed in social media due to strong aesthetical and musical affinities. In 2017, a self-titled debut EP produced by the legendary producer Chris Kimsey was released and made the band “hotly-tipped” between Rock music enthusiasts. Despite their recent appearance, the Voyants have already been featured in music publications among esteemed and up-and-coming acts of London’s rock scene. In a short period of time, Flare Voyant supported the Pretty Things in Paris and performed at many acclaimed London venues such as The Scotch of St James, 02 Academy Islington and The Old Blue Last.

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