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Flirting are a band. Specifically, an East London band haphazardly formed in 2015 of Queen Mary University students, tied together by a love for noisy pop music and anxiety. Madonna, My Bloody Valentine, and David Bowie all sit comfortably as notable influences. Their career started with an opening slot at The Old Blue Last, with 4 songs (including to-be-single Wouldn't You) and a cover of New Order's Age of Consent under their belt.

Consisting of Andy and Arthur on guitars, Kevin on bass, Poppy on vocals, and William on drums, the band has supported artists currently making waves across the country, including The Physics House Band, Traams, Average Sex, and itoldyouiwouldeatyou.

Coming from radically different places musically. Flirting are massive nerds who took vastly, vastly different paths in music - Poppy never listened to emo, Kevin and William are massive electronic music fans, Andy has an encyclopedic knowledge of modern punk, and Arthur has a 12" vinyl of whale songs. It all comes together for a healthily diverse sound.

A band as much a coping mechanism as it is a creative unit, the songs, generally speaking, come from experiences that each member has had, and they're probably not dissimilar to the experiences of a lot of people from the same generation. This is echoed in the social media presence of the band, gaining notoriety on Twitter for their esoteric and often nonsensical musings and content.

Their first single, Wouldn't You, was released in 2016, to rousing success on Soundcloud, racking up thousands of plays with no label support, no press, and no manager. A similar story of unexpected achievement came the year later, as the band chose to retire the song with a music video, it became something of controversy on Reddit, as the argument over the creative case of irony brought the band over 20,000 views.

Mostly playing within London (with a few exceptions for Oxford and Cambridge), the band made a clear case for themselves within the East and South London scenes, making good friends with itoldyouiwouldeatyou and Alex Chilltown very early on in their career.

With a 4 track EP that's due out in early 2018, Flirting are preparing for their most important year yet in 2018.

Blissed out, and cool as fuck.

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Date Saturday 3 February 2018 at 19:00
Address Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Middle Street, Brighton, United Kingdom, BN1 1AL
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