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Fondue Crisis is named for the very legitimate medical malady that affects dozens of people globally. For those who are unaware, the subject presents symptoms of deep shame, paranoia and flop sweats. These symptoms usually present after a binge of cheese or cheese based products. "We felt that naming our band could raise awareness of this non-fatal but uncomfortable condition" whispered Fondue Crisis whilst attending a non-FC (Fondue Crisis) related funeral.

They have never played in front of an audience in their current incarnation, in fact, they have never rehearsed as a band. They did meet in person, in fact, they shared an apartment for a year. During this time they recorded their first and (so far) only single, “Woe Betide Me (My Diamond Dahling)", which was originally recorded as the theme song to the eponymous movie. They are as mysterious as they are foolish. No one has seen what they look like as yet.
This privacy is due to the members daylighting as influential changemakers in their local communities.
"We aim to be very private about ourselves. We plan to keep our day jobs when we hit the big time. You should see my parish. I'd be a fool to give it up. I'm being very well kept in creme de menthe and wafer biscuits." says Fondue Crisis. "I have some very important elections coming up, so I'd be keeping the music to a minimum", they add.

They're natives of Co. Kerry, where they learned the very rudiments of music. Playing in a number of different bands with varying degrees of success. They'd play at any gig they could get or take. They once played in Lixnaw. I don't think they've been back since. Not that there's anything wrong with Lixnaw, in fact, if you're reading this Lixnaw, they'd be happy to come back and see you some time.

They'd love to perform more in public but their day jobs prevent them from pursuing the music in a full-time capacity. Perhaps in 2019 things may cool down so that they can delight the ears of the public with their eclectic and raucous sounds.

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