Sounds likeMuse, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne

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Assembled in Newcastle upon Tyne, Fossway are a four piece that fuse intricate musicianship with contemporary lyricism creating a fresh, modern sound unique to them.

In the Summer of 2018, Fossway released their debut single, 'Parasite', that has gathered much attention from blogs, magazines, radio and followers worldwide. With their debut single, Fossway also released their music video for 'Parasite' - an original concept video centering upon corrupt politicians and governments alike, which can be found on Fossway's YouTube and Facebook.

Fossway have maintained a respectable reputation within the Newcastle music scene; playing a sold out single launch gig at The Cluny, a gig at Wylam Brewery will full capacity and have played festivals such as Meet the North Festival, Heaton Festival and Canny Fringe Festival, alongside bands such as Judas, Gallery Circus and Sounds Like a Storm.

The band are set to continue driving this momentum as they announce a tour that includes cities such as Leeds, Sheffield and York as well as Dunfermline and Tynemouth. With a reputation for intelligent song-writing, high-energy and hooks-galore, the band are likely to win over new fans by the dozen.

As the band turn their attention to music-lovers outside of the north east, it is highly recommend that, should you get the chance to see the band, that you do so. Fans of Muse, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys are in for a treat as the band incorporate elements from each artist whilst incorporating their own individual influences and nuances to create the unique sound that the band is identified with; one that balances progressive and political elements with those of mainstream musical approaches, thus creating well-written material that draws influence from reality whilst maintaining an accessibility for listeners in order for them to enjoy both the music and the message behind it.

The North East is currently bursting with talented artists that appear to be emerging endlessly; Fossway are ones to be watching as they join this ever-growing list.

'While I get the comparisons with famous British acts like Radiohead and Muse with the complexity and catchiness, Fossway are en route to create their very own style, that defies comparison' - New York GlamGlare Magazine

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Date Wednesday 24 October 2018 at 10:39
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