Sounds likeElectric Citizen, Ruby the Hatchet, Black Sabbath

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FREAKABOUT is an electrifying four-piece rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska. Rooted in classic Rock’n’Roll, the band has also been identified with a very dynamic, eclectic sound ranging from blues to psychedelic and stoner rock that has allowed them to perform alongside multiple genres of bands such as Dead Sara, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Modest Mouse, G-Eazy, and more.

FREAKABOUT signals at monumental changes with its supercharged sophomore record BABEZOOKA, a brisk 32-minute romp packing a bold lyrical attitude and mind-bending density. Entrancing harmonies, snake-charming leads and pounding rhythms swirl around each other in a kaleidoscopic cloud of smoke. It crushes as hard as Black Sabbath while injecting technical nuance and a healthy amount of blues influence to color each song differently.

FREAKABOUT’s potential as a torrential force owes itself to both its founding pair and its most recent additions. Cortney Kirby and Aaron Galvan make a molten on-stage pair, the former’s show-stopping vocals and the latter’s iron-heavy riffing positively smolder. Bassist Ben Frerichs adds a burst of pulsing energy while drummer Ian Francis is piston-like and precise. In its best moments, the quartet finds a groove and rides it out to often spectacular conclusions.

Babezooka provides various moments for its players to own the spotlight. Francis, often straightforward on the record, flashes some flare on the head-bobbing “Waste” and strongly boulders his way through “Love Cocaine.” Frerichs shines during the quiet moments of “Waste” and dons the bus driver hat for “Predator.” “Yellow Light” showcases Aaron Galvan’s searing guitar work and Cortney Kirby’s powerful, booming vocal abilities.

Kirby — who has leveled-up as both a vocalist and songwriter since 2015 debut Don’t We All — flexes a more dynamic range on songs like “Queen of the Dust” and “Predator.” Her voice is authoritative and cathartic at its highest points, a fact which helps underscore the subtle and, at times, chilling social and political themes she addresses.

Altogether, BABEZOOKA is as explosive and enticing as its title and as soulful and psychedelic as its Hendrix-recalling cover. More than that, it announces FREAKABOUT as a muscular motor capable of wowing home crowds and taking the road by storm.




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