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Gareth Swindail-Parry is a Hereford based Welsh Triple Harpist and Composer specialising in the traditional music of Wales. He has performed extensively around Wales with artists including Robin Huw Bowen, and with groups 'The New Cambrian Minstrels' and 'Rhes Ganol'. Gareth is the winner of John Weston Thomas award for solo folk instrument at the 2018 National Eisteddfod, and is the Cwlwm Celtaidd Young Musician of the Year 2019.

Gareth is available as a Welsh Triple Harpist for events and occasions, specialising in the unbroken aural Welsh music traditions. Gareth has been taught by Robin Huw Bowen - Wales's foremost expert on the Welsh Triple Harp, and he can trace the teacher pupil aural tradition back many generations.

Gareth is very passionate about the Welsh Triple Harp musical tradition and the Welsh Romany Gypsy musical tradition and hopes to continue in Robin Huw Bowens footsteps, and continue these traditions and pass them on to the next generation of Welsh Triple Harpists. He is also creating a database of all resources and historic information regrading the Welsh Triple Harp. If people are interested in learning the Welsh Triple Harp, then Gareth may be available as a teacher.

Gareth is also the Youth Ambassador for Clera - The Society for the Traditional Instruments of Wales. In this role he hopes to promote the Traditional Welsh Instruments and music to the next generation of players, in the hope of preserving the tradition, and keeping the traditional Welsh music alive for generations to come.

As a composer, Gareth creates cinematic music often inspired by European Folk music. He has composed music on commission as a collaberation with Jordan Bryan for Lauren Williams stageplay 'The Void', and he recently released his first indepenant single 'The Journey'. Gareth is currently working on two new albums and is not accepting commisions at the current time, but his current work is available on bandcamp and his website. Gareth works alongside a new sound label Unredacted Productions as a music consultant and freelance composer and he is also the resident sound designer for Upstage Production Company - Hereford Sixth Form College's Performing Arts company.

For more information, please visit www.gsparrymusic.com

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