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Sounds likeEighties matchbox b line disaster, death from above 1979, at the drive in

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From the murky depths of the dirty city, two disheveled men head towards the swamp on the bad side of town to try and escape the gravitational pull back into the seedy underworld they so desperately want to escape from. Taking with them only the barest of possessions to keep them on the road, a bass guitar and a drum kit, though unwieldly, altogether essential for them to break free. The throbbing pulse of the bass and primal beat of the skins encourage anyone within listening distance to move their feet, and sway to the aural broth of hypnotic noise. Now entranced by our hapless duo, a small window of opportunity blinks through the fog enabling the pair to Get The Fuck Outta Dodge!

Inhabiting the scabby underbelly of the beast, Get The Fuck Outta Dodge are here to cover you in the life of grime from their swamp degenerate Rock n Roll shenanigans. Let them be the scratch to the itch you just can't reach.

GTFOD are James Dodge on bass and Ren Dodge on drums. Formed in early 2019 both fellas have been in various bands in the Sheffield scene for donkeys years. Having only been playing their respective instruments since late 2018, the duo formed GTFOD in early 2019 with the Express intention of releasing an album of sleazy punk n roll before one of them reached a milestone birthday.

Recorded in 1 day at Make Noise Studios in Sheffield all the songs from the debut album , Climbing Higher, Hitting Harder Than King Kong were recorded in 2 takes max, with at least 3 tunes only being written 2 days before recording.

Ren was the frontman of variously ridiculous monikered bands such as Commercial Dual Purpose (named after a vacuum cleaner ffs) and Stunt Team.

James was the guitarist for psycho pop punk band the Ape Drape Escape

Both are members of the legendary Sheffield super hero band the Friends of Batman.

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge will worm their way into your consciousness, set up shop and refuse to leave.

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Date Friday 19 July 2019 at 18:00
Address The Shakespeare, Gibraltar Street, Sheffield, UK, S3 8UB
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