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Hey there!

We are GETRZ an Indie/Alternative up and coming band from Swindon in Wiltshire. With energetic, gripping and catchy live performances and songs we aim to please everyone who is listening and supporting our musical movement.

Within the 8 months we have been gigging we had also been working very hard prior in practices to make our content sound the best we can make it. At each show we have played that seems to come across with the amount of attention from local crowds coming to watch and support us which keeps moving us forward.

Off the back of the release of our Debut self titled EP we went on a tour across the south of England. This was all self funded and what journey we have been on! From places like Camden, Brighton and Bath each individual crowd was gripped at each show, which had a massive effect on us wanting to take this as far as we can.

Before we had played our first show we featured in a local music magazine 'Spilt Milk' where we had the privilege of gaining the front cover. Our sound was described as "Very exciting, as it blends a bit of indie rock with grime and a dose of grunge"

We have been very lucky to be featured in a number of up and coming indie blogs all of which have helped promote our pages and music throughout the local musical communities.

Our plan for the future is to try and gain some slots on festival circuits and also gig as much as possible, there is also another self funded northern tour in the pipe works. We love to be gigging as much as we can and will stop at nothing to get anything in our calendars each and every show is seen as an opportunity to us and it provides us with great learning experiences and life time experiences in which we will all grow from!

Check out our social media for updates on all things to do with the band we hope to see you at a show very soon!


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