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Sounds likeQUOTSA, Death From Above, The Dead Weather, Clutch

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Nicely heavy, dancey, slightly sleazy two piece rock from Essex.

The last 2 years have seen Ghosts Of Men take to over sixty festival stages and countless UK venues, sign a record deal, release an EP and an Album as well as 2 cutting edge music videos, constantly building an army of fans nationwide along the way.

Sometimes described as a pair of idiots with the combined mental age of 7, sometimes hailed as geniuses of the genre, it's fair to say these two leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

Ghosts Of Men: helluva good buh
(Jean at the Post Office)

'Little Death' 360 music video and single released 27/10/17

Upcoming Gigs:

3rd November: Queen Street Brewhouse - Colchester

10th November: Stu Turner Album release Chatham, Kent

11th Nov Cosmic Puffindoors (links above)

1st Dec: The Swan Ipswich

7th December: Asylum Chelmsford

16th Dec: Three Wise Monkeys Birthday Bash, Colchester.

23rd Dec: The Wheatsheaf, Banbury with Doozer McDooze

This is what some other's say:

Ghosts of Men hail from Essex and are made up of Peter
Clegg and Adam Merchant, however, they are inclined to
cause enough commotion on stage that could give off the
impression that there are several of the blighters.

“It shouldn’t be physically possible for a duo with a combined
mental age of 7 to make this much noise and still be catchy,
melodic and funny while maintaining an ever so slightly mental
edge. I loves em!” Gail Something-Else, Festival
Organiser/Venue Owner.

“I love having ‘Ghosts Of Men’ on the show. Powerhouse
performers with such a feel for the brilliant music they play and
a growing army of fans.” Tony Fisher, Head of Music, BBC

This charismatic duo approach every show like it’s their
last hour on earth, known for toying with their audiences
and whipping them into a frenzy with a sound like an
excited hurricane. They’ve organically grown their ‘army
of fans’ by playing 60+ festivals in the last two years.
If you’re a fan of Queens of The Stone Age, Death From
Above, Lonnie Donegan or even the Arctic Monkeys, then
their debut album Brea the will be right up your street.
It’s pure loud, heavy, dancey rock.

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Date Saturday 11 November 2017 at 17:08
Address Three Wise Monkeys, High Street, Colchester, United Kingdom, CO1 1DN
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