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Sounds likeMatrix & Futurebound, Bring Me The Horizon, Pendulum
LocationUnited Kingdom

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Gid Sedgwick is a 25 yr old producer, artist and DJ on KaneFM103.7. He grew up listening to bands like Goldfinger, Sum41, Blink, GreenDay and always had the dream of being in a rock band - “I pretty much haven't grown out of that mentality.” More recently inspired by the likes of Matrix & Futurebound and Lower Than Atlantis, Gid fuses his love of Rock, vocal harmonies and Drum & Bass in his first release, ‘Temperature Is Rising’ (7 June), from the upcoming EP ‘Through the Illusion’ (21 June).

"My parents always said I was musically talented, which was pretty nice of them to say but I guess they kind of have to being parents and all! They were mortified when I got well into happy hardcore techno around 13,14. I thought the idea of DJ-ing was sick so I created a setup with stuff I could find round the house - my mums old record player, an electric keyboard and some Tangerine Dream records – no, not a real DJ.

One day my brother says I should try get on KaneFM... i'd never even heard of it but he mentioned that the guys down at Dance2 Record store in Guildford had something to do with it. So I rock up at Dance2 and say “hi can I have a show on Kane?”they look at me like i've just slapped them in the face with a wet fish and say no, So I said “can I have a job here” …Obviously it was a long shot but I was a stupid teen, finally I said i'll work for them for free (with the intention of getting to meet some people at KaneFM) and the guys at Dance2 agree. So every Friday for 8 weeks I went a stood at the back of the shop like some proper weirdo and listened to all the new Dubstep and Drum&Bass records that came into stock... it was a small local business so really not much for me to do apart from the odd bit of hoovering – which I nailed.

In my job at MindWaves i've got first hand experience of mental health. I teach young people there how to DJ, make music & put together radio shows. I guess this song is my reaction to their stories. Stress can rise in all of us regardless of how big or small every day situations can leave us feeling and all the while going along unnoticed to those around us.

There's been a lot of stories i've heard over the years in this job, in turn I've become someone that some YP's (young people) can talk and open up to. I am not fully trained as a counsellor but along side the main focus in sessions I've kind of inadvertently become one. Apparently counsellors need their own counselling to deal with the issues heard on a day to day basis but I don't have that – for me I feel that I get a lot of my own release from writing music and that's where most of Through The Illusion has stemmed from"

As well as releasing my own music Gid's been writing with and featuring on records with other artists such as FooR, Barely Royal, Soulecta, Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi and a lot more in the pipeline.

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