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Sounds likeThe 1975, M83, The Weeknd
LocationUnited Kingdom

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We’ve come a long way from the idea of an indie release being jangly guitars, floppy fringes and sixth form poetry. Gid Sedgwick is the very definition of a one-man band – writer; producer; singer; instrumentalist; mixer; live performer. There’s no safety net of a band, this is his vision and his sound, a mix of 80’s-esque synth soundscapes; 90’s indie punk and timeless atmospheric song-writing. Edgy, psychedelic, yet rooted in gritty modern-day realism, this is the sound of UK indie in a way which lays out the future for decades to come.

As you might expect from the title, Ochos refers to the number of tracks and is also the lead track from the album, a gliding, stifling track which builds like Laurie Anderson’s “O, Superman” until it snaps into a dry ice dance floor with a resident punk band in situ. Utterly intoxicating, it sets the tone for the whole of Ochos, which skips from lively, upbeat indie-punk with a robotic orchestra playing next door, to more introspective tracks like “Paperclip”, which sounds like a torch song powered by rain-soaked footsteps. Recorded without any assistance from the outside world, this is an undiluted experience of living in Gid’s world.

Having studied vocals at Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, though completely self-taught on all other areas of his music, Gid’s Ochos is a perfect encapsulation of life today. There are no plastic rainbows or reality show audiences – this is indie music as it should be, portraying real lives and real emotions without selling your soul to The Man. With a raft of new tracks already completed, the future is looking bright for Gid Sedgwick.

Gaining early support from BBC Introducing, “Ochos” gives a fascinating insight into the innovative music brain of an aspiring, newcomer. It won’t take you too long to figure out Gid really, is someone with creative ideas, as there is a melting pot of whip-smart, music fusions being, explored in the track. I wasn’t expecting “Ochos” to be, anything as complex as it is. My first listen through, to Gid’s indie spoken vocal style, combined with the deep, sonically resonating synths came as quite a pleasant revelation. The lyrics are very, slick in their delivery and the pounding, beatific melody sizzles, with a magnetizing, energy-field of electronics.

BBC Introducing, Melita Dennett "A banger of a pop track"
ClashMusic - "Completely addictive from first listen"
TwistedMaleMag - "Its just f*ckin amazing, i love the track"
EQMusicBlog - "Tastemakers eardrums should start tingling, excitedly on Gid’s music, now."

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