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Sounds likeCourtney Barnett, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Goat Girl

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Sam: "The Beatles"
Josh: "Metallica"
James: "... Megadeth"
Harvey: "Adele"
All except Harvey: "Vote to challenge!"

Green Dolphin are on the way to a gig in the tour bus (Sam's Toyota Yaris), playing one of their favourite road trip games; 'Band'. Essentially, it's a word association game for music enthusiasts. Everyone is always left wondering if Harvey can really draw a link between two bands as seemingly unrelated as Megadeth and Adele, hence the unanimous 'vote to challenge'. 'Band' is one of a few quirky games that the four enjoy while on the road.

Green Dolphin’s self-released debut single in the Summer of 2017, Blue, was an overtly political post-punk track, setting the mood for their debut album. This release was followed by the band’s three performances at the Cambridge Junction.

Bringing their energetic live shows from East London to Sheffield, Green Dolphin have currently got heaps of new material, set to be released throughout 2019. This new material represents a characteristic change in direction. Their new, more sophisticated sound is more mellow at times such as in 'No More Matchstick Eyes', while holding on to their punk roots with songs like the frenzied 'Feather In The Wind'. The music aims to inspire both empathy and compassion whilst offering a sense of comforting naivety.


When not screaming and shouting along to Green Dolphin music, Sam is a physics student at the University of Sheffield. Green Dolphin for him is somewhat the backbone of his life. Having been playing music together since we were in year ten, it is always on his mind. Being the primary lyricist of the band, Green Dolphin is a place in which his thoughts, both day-to-day and those that are not often communicated, can be placed. Sam also plays alto saxophone in ska-punk band Codename Colin, and does judo. His favourite artist is Courtney Barnett.

Drummer, Harvey, finally joined what was to become Green Dolphin after a year of begging by primary school friend Sam. The band has since become an integral part of his life, widening his musical interest into music production. He now studies this at Leeds Beckett University and uses his skills to record most of the band's demos and side projects. He has seen his favourite band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, in two different countries yet Anton finds him annoying at best. Harvey has a skill that the whole band envies which is to meet most of the bands he goes to watch, including IDLES, Slaves and The Vaccines. He claims he's been on stage with Nick Cave and has had Nandos with Car Seat Headrest.

For lead guitarist, Josh, being in Green Dolphin is an essential part of his life, such that when he left for university he says that he had to start another band to satisfy his need for a creative outlet and to make loud noises on his guitar. He listened to The 1975 for 177 hours in 2018, his favourite colour is orange and he loves houmous.

The last member to join green dolphin is me, James. People always ask me why I’m always so happy in the school holidays and that’s because unlike the others I’m not at Uni, I work full time for Amazon and miss playing with them like crazy when they are away. To make up for creative isolation much of the year I’ve started trying to teach my dog to bark in time to the music. Can often be found cowering in a corner drinking energy drinks.

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