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Greenness is an indie psych-folk band featuring English guitarist, artist and producer Graham Pratt and French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cess Frangi. Their debut EP 'Bicephaly' (2016), a collection of songs where intricate guitar melodies meet vocals both powerful and fragile, tells stories of love, loss, dreams and visions. The main single 'In the Winter' is featuring on the FemFriday Vol.1 compilation, as well as in the 'Wilder Stories' live podcast recorded at the Old Market during Brighton Fringe 2017.
"This gorgeous piece from Cess and Graham brings about a warm fuzzy sense of optimism for the winter months, with its Emilíana Torrini-esque vocals and dancing picks of acoustic guitar." - Richard Ward (Overhead Wires Music/Swear Down Records).

Since then, the duo has been working on their next record 'Cyclicity', which will be out on 17/08/18 on Spotify, iTunes and limited edition vinyl. While 'Bicephaly' mostly focused on Cess and Graham's relationship with each other through nostalgic and intimate acoustic songs, this new EP explores their connection with the environment and opens up to wider collaborations and sonic experiments. Influenced by the four elements, each song intertwines natural movements with personal ones: 'Swimming' correlates the ups and downs of love affairs with the movement of the tides, 'Mother' links mental health struggles with environmental decay, while 'Moon Song' draws parallels between feminine cycles and lunar phases, and 'Dance With The Light' celebrates lucid dreams and the alternance of day and night. Greenness realeased their debut official video fro 'Dance With The Light' on 31/07/18 with Syn.C (Normanton Street, Para Fiction, Yumi & The Weather). The EP title also echoes the duo's experience with cyclothymia, a mood disorder.

Greenness have been performing regularly in and around their adopted home of Brighton (including Fringe Festival, The Alternative Escape, VegFest, Oxjam, Sofar Sounds...) as well as a sell-out event at London's iconic Royal Albert Hall (Collide Festival), national tours, several shows across Europe and an appearance at San Francisco's historic Sacred Grounds.

Their live performance aims to create an immersive and emotional journey through the use of various acoustic and electronic instruments, field recordings of wild animals and poetic lyrics carrying a deep message.

"Electro-acoustic duo Greenness from Brighton are a revelation, with Cess’ awesome voice superbly complemented by Graham’s distinctive guitar work." - The Morning Star

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