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Güacho is a trio of experimental rock influenced by the psychedelia rock of the 70s. Valve sounds and much spatiality combined with contemporary rhythms and textures. His passages go from the historical Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin and the Argentine developments like Billy Bond and La Pesada, Pappo's Blues or Pescado Rabioso until the heavy rock of our days that can be heard in Rage Against The Machine, Tool , Queens of the Stone Age or Los Natas in Argentina. An air of blues and a sigh of baguala (Argentine folkloric music) in a lost bar complete the cocktail to reach this band. Audiovisual rock, rock to travel and facing the wind.

Where does it come from and where is it going?

Formed in 2011 Güacho is one of the bands that represent the great moment of independent musical artists in the city of La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). With three albums released: Volume I - On the Ocean Shore (2012), Volume II - Travelers Stories (2014) and the recent Volume III - The persistence of memory (2017), the band drew and founded in just 6 years of existence, an aesthetic language undoubtedly its own that positioned it in an emerging scene completely lit like that of Argentina. The trio formed by Hernán Torres (drums) and the brothers Joaquín Castillo (bass) and Lisandro Castillo (guitar and vocals) has two European tours (in 2012 with Vol. I and in 2015 with Vol.II), featured concerts at festivals local and presentations with international bands such as Radio Moscow, Dead Meadow or Kadavar. Possessing a personality and high impact imagery, the Güacho have become a unique and interesting aesthetic-musical project that is not usually left unharmed to see and experience. Having traveled a short and intense path is that the trio of Tolosa (La Plata) arrives in 2018 with its complete fundamental trilogy and the path illuminated for the development of its last episode: Vol. II - The Persistence of memory.

The band closes its trilogy of albums with Vol. III (The persistence of memory), a new release that shows them concentrated and sharpened in the adventure of valve sound and psychedelic rock that started five years ago when they released the Vol. I. In this opportunity, the band deepens their compositions according to a more traditional song format, and although the atmospheric style is maintained, there is an important growth of the word over the instruments.

What are you working on at the moment?

The band will be coediting with the Stone Free label (AU) on LP the third episode (Vol.III) of the saga that will also be played live in the European Union (Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria) next month of September 2018.

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