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The name Hang the Puppet is a political reference, however those songs are still to be written .

I am a 42 year old happily married man with 2 daughters , writing original and thought provoking alternative rock songs from a home studio set up.

Each song has a distinct and powerful message whether it be Birth , Marriage, Death etc....

At the moment I am writing very dark songs indeed about different human dispositions. My latest track Narcissist explores a new relationship that unfolds. I Do is about the harsh reality of marriage, Paint the whole town red is about escapism and Kill the Clown .......fairly self explanatory.

Belly Full of wine however is just a drinking song in the style of the Beatles.

Tired and Wired --------- Ever found yourself talking to someone who isn't actually there for a period of time and then woke up covered in sick ???

The songs are very different to each other in style, arrangement and texture, this is because the underlying point of my musical concept is to write the songs on the fly ,they normally go from start to finish within 3 days.

I like the idea of the song not being over thought , not in sound, but in the fact that the songs originality is enhanced by being the 1st thought and not the last.

Normally a 5.00 o'clock lyrical brain session because I cant sleep. Followed by 3-4 hours of guitar noodling , then some scoring and sectioning and then the production.

I am also producing the tracks and doing the mixing , this part is a learning curve, but I want the whole sound to have come from me.

I am keen to get my music onto TV and Film.

I have been played on BBC introducing and Phoenix FM in London.

I have 20-30 songs in my head and I am producing on average 1 complete tune a week .

I play all of the instruments and do the vocals on the tracks and I have a plethora of ideas and concepts that I am working on.

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