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Harry and The Howlers
Press Release 2017

It's 1959 and the leather clad greaser in the corner has just kicked the jukebox into life with the heel of his boot

A rich, powerful voice fills the diner, the raw tones of Miss Wanda Jackson, the first lady of rockabilly, make the hips sway and the people jive, one by one the inhabitants pair off and dance in a tribal celebration of sweaty, forbidden rock and roll. Years later, in 2017 the older but still incendiary Wanda (fresh from collaboration with Jack White) would remark upon hearing Miss Harry Jordan's cover of her classic "Let's Have A Party" ...What a voice!"

Similar reactions have been garnered by everyone hearing her recordings or witnessing her live performances along with her band of pirates "Harry and The Howlers" comprising Michelle Dawes, Kris Hill and Toby Smith.

Very much a band of 2017, but with an image harking naturally back to the classic days of fifties calendar glamour, their sound is a force of nature, a radio friendly barrage of good times and primal energy, with tales of Hellfire, bad women and the equally bad men that are their eternal opposites.

For fans of Imelda May and Amy Winehouse, classic rock and roll and and soul voices and for anyone who loves a great song with a modern lyrical twist, they have had praise heaped on them by radio and live audiences alike earning them the coveted title of @BBCintroducing artist of the week.

Songs like "Devil In A Push Up Bra" and "Hell In High Heels" never forget to bring the fun or the tunes to the party, and will have you singing them long into the night.

2018 will see Harry & The Howlers, return to iconic studio The Magic Garden, with legendary producer 'Gavin Monaghan', to record the follow up single to the debut EP release, which sold over 6000 copies across the UK, Europe and USA. The new material promises to offer up the same attitude, femininity and unique sound we've come to expect from front woman and songwriter 'Harry Jordan'.

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