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Hi! I'm Hatley.

I'm a singer-songwriter born in Toronto, Canada. I moved to London in 2018 to pursue music and to try out a different city.

I grew up in a close-knit family with two sisters. Before I was born, my dad was trying to make it as a rockstar. He had a band called 49 Acres and they did pretty well! He was the lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and band manager. He worked really hard towards his dream for a long time, but as his family started to grow he gave it up and found another way to support us. He began a new career in post production audio for tv and film and eventually started his own business. My dad's career in the music and sound industries would become a big help for me when I eventually started my own music career.

I've always enjoyed singing. I would describe my voice as soft and delicate. I was always a soprano in my school choirs. Although I dreamed about what my life could be like if I became a famous singer, I never put much effort into the idea. I was shy and insecure and liked to keep music and singing as a private part of my life. As an anxious person, it really calms me down. Sometimes I catch myself singing quietly when I'm nervous about something.

Writing is my second love. Although not an academic or avid reader, I spend a lot of time working on creative pieces. I write about my feelings. I write about personal experiences including heartbreak, difficulties about growing up and love. I was taught by my mom whose a social worker to have strong emotional literacy and it has been incredibly integral to my happiness. I find courage in my words and my feelings.

As you can imagine, I eventually put two and two together and started writing songs. I was in first year uni feeling really displeased and unsure of the directed of my life and I finally admitted to myself what I had been truly wanting all these years: to be a singer-songwriter. It was an amazing revelation for me and it put me exactly where I wanted to be.

For six years I've been writing songs, playing gigs, releasing singles and working with producers. It's taught me a lot about myself and the world. I'm always looking forward to the next song or gig and what it will bring.

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Date Thursday 22 August 2019 at 17:00
Address 28 Harrison Street, London, UK, WC1H 8JF

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