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Hidden White Noise are a Leeds based trio making abrasive, blues fused garage rock with some late seventies punk and southern rock influences, a band who aren't afraid to show their roots or be labelled revivalist, who's sound is stripped back to its rawest essence, orchestrating the fine line of being minimalist without the fuss, a band who are totally fueled and live for live shows.

it was not by chance, or luck, but a moment in time that we all experience that lead Hidden White Noise to be in one room together.., and by the second run through of "Breakdown" it just felt right, from that day back in late 2014 they have not looked back.

Having had several air plays on BBC introducing, more recently with " Mystery Ride " "I got Music" and "Divine" with the latter being described by Alan Raw as " an absolute Anthem by Hidden White Noise "

Hidden White Noise are soon to release " See The Panic Rising " an album that wont stop at rattling the ear drums but will have any avid listener on his way to A&E for over active foot tapping syndrome, not for the faint hearted it will vibrate the inner soul and have you wanting more...... The Guitars have been unleashed to the extend that this one should come with a warning... Whilst " California Sun " rocks the Outro " Take Me " & " Born to be " captivate the energy.
Soon to hit the studio with Live session recordings in the pipeline and several gigs to close the year 2017 will still be a hive of activity.

Hidden White Noise Line up as follows :-

Stephen Pickles - Guitar & Lead Vocals ( First Ever Album AC-DC - Highway to Hell on Vinyl! ..yes Vinyl!! )
Mark Norris - Bass ( First Ever Album Michael Jackson - Off The Wall )
Lee Stranger - Drums ( first Ever Album Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge )

For fans of the stooges, black keys, royal blood & wolfmother etc . . . .

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Date Friday 20 October 2017 at 18:00
Address Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS2 8JP
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