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HOLY MATRIMONY - "with all the hallmarks of a major pop act" (Louder Than War) - conceive songs that expand into lush aural panoramas; enormous, colourful soundscapes spray-painted onto canvasses of brooding electronica. "Influenced in equal parts by the masters of the 1980's and present day artists" (Emerging North), HOLY MATRIMONY underpin frontman Roger Damen's baritone, mid-era Depeche Mode delivery with luminescent, crystal clear guitars - most patently demonstrated by latest release, 'If You Cannot Love Yourself', which is in itself a big, bright and bold statement of intent. A true labour of love for its close-knit core of Damen, Jonny Adams (guitars), and Jack Ellis (bass), HOLY MATRIMONY represents a union of diverse and contrasting musical influences through spiring choruses, classy melodies and an energetic live show.

"'If You Can’t Love Yourself' launches in typical Holy Matrimony style, but it just doesn’t go where you expect. Building verse upon verse it crashes in to the sweetest little chorus you’ve ever heard. This is what defines HM songs; enormous soundscapes, taking you on a magic carpet ride before dropping you, sated, just short of where you expect. Just brilliant." Louder Than War (tinyurl.com/mvfz8nq)

"...sweeping synths, inappropriately huge choruses and deep, engaging vocals projecting an image of the love child of Dave Gahan and Morrissey" Fringe Culture Blog (tinyurl.com/hcjogf8)

‘Dearly Beloved: Part One’ seems to be intended as an initial showcase of what Holy Matrimony are all about, and in that sense it is a roaring success. Full of delicious hooks, festival-devouring anthems and subtle, whip-smart quirks, this is an EP that is as perfect an introduction to any band as I have ever heard, setting out their stall with an imperious sense of majesty and confidence." Benjamin Corry - Reyt Good Music (tinyurl.com/lwxqgd3)

"The band’s ability to create four genuinely great tracks that build and keep getting better, ending in a blissfully electronic conclusion has to stand as the EP’s [Dearly Beloved: Part One's] finest achievement" 5/5 - The Modern Critic (tinyurl.com/kvvlnpo)

“Hailing from Manchester and Southport, Holy Matrimony are amazingly good. Lead singer and keyboardist Roger Damen has a deep, rich voice sitting somewhere between Dave Gahan and Midge Ure, giving this synthpop band a mid era Depeche Mode/Ultravox vibe. It’s a refreshing swell of sound with punchy melodies enhanched by swirling synths, pounding basslines and the sweetest of guitar riffs...... Standout track was the epic soundscape: Sequence of Secrets. You’d swear you’d heard it before with its intricate structures and soaring chorus. Someone needs to grab this band quick and sign them up as they have all the hallmarks of a future mega pop act. Looking at how Chvrches have become so huge in such a short space of time I’d be taking a long look at these three talented individuals.” Nigel Carr - Louder Than War

“A three piece new-wave revival group that takes elements of what the Editors are great at, fuses them with the likes of The Cure and blends it all in a nice package with a Morrissey influence on top. They have no drummer, but that doesn’t stop them making tunes, as they have modernised the previous era of bands, with programmed drum tracks from electronic tech. Bonus points for a synth playing vocalist, with competencies on both.” Tom Blackwell - After The Encore

“Beautiful songs - anthemic pop that makes you want to sing along and scream out the chorus, beautiful harmonies flow nicely with the captivating beat.” Kingston Q108





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