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„Sublime songwriting and perfect production and delivery.“ — Europavox

„Ever wonder what would happen if Artic Monkeys and Tame Impala had a love child?“ — IndieBerlin

„Their potential is extraordinary.“ — TheRevue

„They know how to transport feelings, sometimes reserved and introspective, sometimes passionate and generous, burning like fire under the ice.“ — Indiemusic.fr

„HYMMJ are among the best to play with your emotions.“ — Le Sac à Son

Berlin-based HYMMJ combine modern Indie-Rock and New Wave, influenced by 70’s Psychedelic and Blues. Their heterogeneous sound doesn’t abide to temporal or stylistic standards, but offers a modern, yet nostalgic approach: Dry guitar riffs burst through atmospheric sound collages again and again; Catchy vocals hover above dynamic and melodic basslines, while rigid and virtuous Synthesizer interact with powerful drum beats. HYMMJ's songs shift between optimistic, danceable parts and melancholic, strong outbursts. It's music for the night, for long drives, for emptying the head and living in the moment.
Especially during their energetic live shows, the band showcases their passion and musical understanding of the moment, including improvised thunderous Crescendi and other new elements, adding another level to their sound.

HYMMJ released their debut EP “A Potential Cause For Rain” in 2017. The release not only brought the band support-slots for such illustrious and musically different acts such as The New Pornographers, Cassia, INVSN, Starcrawler or Vulfpeck’s Theo Katzmann, but also gave them the opportunity to play at several international showcase-festivals. With their performances at ENEA Spring Break in Poland, c/o Pop in Germany, Sonic Visions in Luxembourg or their three shows at Alternative Escape in Brighton, the band was able to cause some uproar.
In 2018, the band played Headline shows in five countries, were part of MIDEM's Artist Accelerator's Preselection and got radio airplay and Interviews in numerous countries around the world. Meanwhile, HYMMJ produced and recorded their second EP "Nobody Can See Us", which will be released in Spring 2019 and which got funded by German music office Initiative Musik. By now, the band is regarded as one of Germany’s hottest musical prospects and is on everyone's watchlist for 2019.

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