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Socially conscious political rap sandwich with heavy synth bass-line sauce on hip-hop beat bread, pointing out the world's idiocy since '17.

"Kind of autistic, ADHD
Bouts of depression, anxiety
And some deep-seated demons vying for control of me

Apparently according to her majesty
She won’t help ‘cause there’s not enough wrong with me
Honestly how disabled do I have to be?
And I don’t just need pills that’ll pacify me

Quintessentially we’re not free
And personally I think it’s obvious to see
Humanity detached from reality
We’ll be swept aside by the tide of causality

Objectively when considered mathematically
The chances of life appearing naturally
Statistically really isn’t very likely
And these are facts that are proven scientifically

We have a god who laughs at a world that does not
They write jokes to balance out the tragic plot
The two are the same but we seem to have forgot
How else do you explain? It’s all paradox

Mother nature smiles as she bares her teeth
Death’s not the end, just dispersal of energy
One thing’s for sure: that’s irony
We have to wear masks ‘cause there’s nothing underneath" - Calendar Head

"Elderly people pretending not to see me
They’re crossing the street to not speak to me, I’m too freaky
Lower class? No class, believe me
I’m not gonna mug you, it’s cold, I wear a hoodie

If I like, it’s alright, I don’t carry a knife
I ain’t here to take your money or take your life
Is this distrust endemic of society’s slide
Or am I an intimidating sight?

At times, I act like I’m a robot
Making mistakes in places others do not
Social etiquette, I forget that a lot
And what it feels to be human at all, I forgot

Frequently glitch out, my wires get crossed
Updates are needed but connection is lost
Like broken machinery, aside I’m tossed
Not worth fixing whatever the cost ‘cause

I’m a lowlife, I reside on the bottom rung
Within in a system I don’t benefit from
Lowlife, to the bottom I sunk
Tide rises and the saviours are gone

A lowlife living right on the bottom rung
Been deemed dung so that’s what I’ve become
It’s a low life when you are one
But it looks like it’s a low life or none" - A Very Lowlife

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