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Sounds likeHappy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Kasabian

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What started out as two lads sat in a lock up just outside of Birmingham...

Has now become ''Ivory Wave'' one of the most fresh sounding band you will hear.

Rapidly becoming renowned for their contagious acid house and dance-style tunes, Birmingham five-piece Ivory Wave have set tongues wagging since mid 2016 with a growing army of fans since the release of their infectious anthem and debut single ‘Club.’

Latest release ''Separate Beat'' follow-up to previous tracks, the Kasabian-influenced ‘Club’ and the infectious ‘Paradise’, the new tune is the most psychedelic leaning by the indie-electro band who have a growing army of fans now marching, and singing, behind them.

The song’s infectious lyrics are penned by lead singer George Johnson who put them down on a Brum-bound London train journey. The 20 year-old’s words are influenced by the people, towns and cities on that 90-minute journey with Johnson noting that people can ‘feel small in a big city’.

The band are carving out their own indie, house style, adding synths to the dance beats and combining this with a raw, Brummie inflected, vocal.

Anthem tunes with an incredible on stage swagger and unrelenting live performances has landed them a tour with The Twang later this year, the lads will play Bournemouth, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield & finish up in there hometown...Birmingham

There songs create a fusion of hip hop beats, acid house rhythms and pop hooks with authentic lyrics.

Ivory Wave are well and truly on there way to the top, selling out local shows and drawing in crowd up and down the country, which are only getting bigger and bigger every time. Catch them live in a small venue while you can. They are set for big things!

They’re absolutely fucking colossal. ‘Paradise’ is one of the best singles you’ll hear all year by a new band. (GIGSLUTZ)

Mic in hand, eye balling the room, singer George is the classic frontman. Latest single ‘Separate Beat‘ cements their place as a band tipped for great things. Ivory Wave will soon have a venue in the palm of their hands. (COUNTERACT)

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Date Saturday 13 January 2018 at 20:20
Address Mama Roux, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B9 4AG
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