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Sounds likeKings of Leon, Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club, Foo Fighters

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Chasing August are an indie 4 piece from Shropshire, taking influence from different bands and genres, they have crafted a sound which best fits them. An modern sound with a nostalgic flare of early 00's music, Chasing August aim to deliver an anthemic set for everyone to enjoy.

Chasing August are:
Jack Norcup / Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Josh Bilton / Lead Guitar, Piano & Backing Vocals
George Treherne / Bass Guitar
Ben Bruce / Drums

We just love writing songs and having fun with them, we aren't looking to fit into a bracket or make the next hit, we just want to make music.

Our 10 track was a really great process, we just got to watch these songs evolve and become something epic. We walked away with a record that we love listening too, and surprisingly so do a lot of other people. Bonus! The album originally began life as 2 separate EP's under a different name, however we had always imagined them being under 1 full album. When we decided to re brand the band name it gave us the opportunity to finally have the full record we had always hoped for.

Music is about what it makes you feel, we know we're not going to please everyone and we don't try to, but our album has such variety that you're bound to fall in love with at least 1 track.

We've spent the year working on new songs, videos and planning out what our future looks like, our aim is to gig as much as possible and get everyone coming along to the shows and experiencing the excitement that is Chasing August.

Getting more and more exposure to us and our music is something that is continually growing, there's always someone who's listening and that's what makes this so much more worth it. The shows are getting better and we're sounding tighter than ever, we've done a lot of acoustic gigs at the Birmingham Arena, which has helped us strengthen our craft and our sound.

We are always pushing ourselves to do better, always finding new ways to keep this band exciting and fun.

Cheers x

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Date Saturday 25 November 2017 at 18:00
Address The Flapper, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 2NU
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